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They need to alter their business style according to the altercations in the market. The only way to survive is to change themselves and blend in.

Kollywood actors Suriya and his Wife Jyotika are facing one of the largest struggles in their film career. The Tamil Nadu theatre owners association have decided to make a blanket ban on all the Suriya and Jyotika acted movies. The decision of the stellar couple to release Jyotika acted film, ‘Ponmagal Vanthal’ which is bankrolled by Suriya himself, via online platforms have enraged the Tamil Nadu theatre owners association and decided to impose a ban. 

Notably, the theatre owners are strenuously attempting with as much vigor as possible to thwart the course of the market forces. Obviously, the changing equations of entertainment is a crisis situation for these play houses. The Over the Top Services (OTS) such as Netflix, Amazon Prime have set their foot on the sphere of visual entertainment and they are expanding their market at the rate of knots. These multi- billion tech giants are relocating the rendezvous of movie watching from movie halls to drawing rooms. The movie halls in the US and Europe are already falling apart at the seams after the advent of streaming services into the entertainment sector. According to the Economist, the ticket sales of the movie halls in the West have reduced by 25% and the experts have predicted further dwindling of the profit margin. Interestingly, the OTS are pouring millions of dollars to create original quality content and to procure the movies even before they are shot. With the mesmerizing quantity and quality of contents as well as the facilities and the possibilities ensured by these mammoth tech entities, it is a bumpy road ahead for the theatre owners. Nonetheless, even the top-notch directors like Martin Scorsese and Noah Baumbach were obliged to end their odessey and went into the fold of these tech giants.   

Womens Day Special Poster of ‘Ponmagal Vanthal’

In fact, the low penetration of internet, abysmal digital literacy and the unavailability of high-end devices were the factors which helped the Indian theatre owners to hold their fort till now. However, with the current pace of internet and digital penetration, the conflict in the entertainment sector won’t be a cakewalk for the theatre owners anymore. Using intimidation, coercive techniques and other methods of force to hold the market forces are tricks that never go out of style in India. Even though these proved to be a pure failure at every time, people still resort to their muscle power to halt the change. Obviously, they can postpone or reduce the pace of change but they can’t terminate it. Theatre owners in Tamil Nadu have to realize that they can’t pull this card forever. They need to alter their business style according to the altercations in the market. The only way to survive is to change themselves and blend in.  

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