The justice defiled

The politics of BJP and other far right wing parties have brought the religious fundamentalism close to the politics that it now has lavishly accounts on anything and everything the government does. The chanting of religious slogans on matters of secular interest and criticism against the government is the most common expression of this trend.

Unrecognised brutalities!

Left. One column news on the left. Much brutal than Nirbhaya and Hyderabad rape. But nobody bats an eye. Admit it. We care and protest only when someone who is relatable to us (socially and economically) is getting raped. Someone we could identify ourselves with. Remember the way newspapers and magazines covered the Delhi and Hyderabad incidents ? Still you want us to believe protest have no class or caste? This is HYPOCRISY. Literally Marginalised! Literarily Marginalised!

ദൈവത്തിനു കൂട്ടിരുന്നൊരു അപ്പൂപ്പന്‍താടി

“ഞായറാഴ്ച്ച കുര്‍ബാനക്കിടയില്‍ പുറം തിരിഞ്ഞിരിക്കുന്ന മാന്യന്‍മാരേക്കാള്‍ എന്ത് കൊണ്ടും നല്ലതല്ലേ ഇടവേളകളില്‍ ദൈവത്തോട് സംവദിക്കാന്‍ വരുന്നവന്‍?”