In these hard times, it is high time to be back. ‘The Station’ is embarking on a new voyage. The return has reinvigorated us, the contents we deliver will reflect the values we always hold dear. It is the change you have always hoped for in the information sector- no sponsors, no godfathers and no strings of puppeteers. If you struggle for ideas, this is your fortress. We relaunch with a more dynamic, modern and bold version of ‘The Station’. The Station portal carries diversified contents, from articles to advertising, political podcasts to photostories and much more. The Station had the humblest beginning. We started in a small room of the Central University hostel. We replaced capital with passion, quantity with quality and assurance with endurance. Your support was the fuel which kept The Station in traction. We like to express our profuse gratitude for supporting us all along. We count on your continuous backing in this strenuous and ambitious endeavour.